As a professional dog walker, I specialize in walking small groups of dogs in various off-leash parks. One of the dogs I regularly walk was becoming a real problem as she has one of the worst cases of coprophagia (poop eating) I have ever encountered. This particular dog is a sweet young dog who unfortunately was making the group walk more and more difficult. Not only was she eating what was already on the ground but also sabotaging peoples’ bags once they had already picked up. Cindy has been working with this dog and her owners privately in addressing and dealing with this problem. In just a very short while, I have noticed a significantimprovement with this dogs “leave it’s”, her ability to control her frustration levels and her focus in general. Thanks to Cindy’s expertise with behavior modification, our group walks are becoming what they should be – fun and happy times for all. I would call Cindy in a heartbeat to work with any dogs within any of my groups who may have some behavioural issues which need addressing. She’s definitely got the “magic touch”. Thanks Cindy for making my life so much easier!