Puppies. One can never be fully prepared for the wrath that the cute fluff balls are planning to unleash on your home. While I spent many hours reading and puppy proofing my house as this was the first dog that I had owned, I was not equipped for the arrival of Finnegan Francis and his joyful exuberance. Why didn't he understand the word "no"? What part of "stop running around the backyard with a knife in your mouth you are going to hurt yourself" was not clear to him? Perhaps he was from Quebec and spoke only French.

All kidding aside, when I first met Cindy one of the first things we discussed was that dogs are not born with knowledge of the English language and that commands need to be taught. The issue isn't the dog it's the owner (whoops). Even though I felt I was doing the right things, Cindy clearly explained to me how dogs learn best and helped me set up my home to get the most out of my dog. Cindy has extensive knowledge of animal behaviour and training in all shapes and sizes, and it really helped that she could explain to me why he was behaving the way he was, so that we could correct it in the most effective manner. At the end of the day it was all normal puppy behaviour, but I was not fully equipped to handle it without guidance.

I very much appreciated the one on one sessions as she was able to assess Finn and myself in our own environment and show me how communicate in a more effective manner. The leaps and bounds that were made in a short period of time were astonishing. Finn is very eager to please and responded very well to the positive training techniques Cindy teaches. And if you have a busy schedule, she will come to your home and train your dog while you work and follow-up with you after to discuss what you need to work on. What could be easier than that?

I cannot thank Cindy enough for the help and guidance she provided. I am grateful to have such a well behaved dog in my life thanks to this training. I love him to bits.