Through many years of dedication and effort, Cindy has built the skills required to be successful in following her one true passion - ANIMALS.

Cindy’s long career started as a child rescuing neighborhood puppies, and has since included diverse experiences such as providing a foster home and to facilitate the rescue of over 100 unwanted animals, sat on the board of directors for a local animal rescue organization, and a position as a keeper at the Calgary zoo.

Through all of this diversity, Cindy has discovered that training was the key to success in almost all situations. A well-trained foster dog will be easier to adopt, well-trained zoo animals are easier to work with and properly take care of. Cindy has developed an obsessive passion for training animals and has a special bond with them that becomes obvious as you see her work.

True satisfaction for Cindy is helping an animal to live up to its full potential, and helping a family to understand the keys to a happy, long and balanced relationship with their furry companions.

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