Reactive Dog Class

May 5, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
2200 Campbell Road
Past Event
$475.00 CAD May 5 - June 23 Classes
Cindy Peacock

The root of your dog’s reactivity can come from any number of causes such as leash
frustration, over-excitement, aggression or even fear. For example, your dog may “just want to say hi” but his barking and otherwise inappropriate behaviour puts you and others on-edge. Participants will learn how dogs communicate through body language and examine their relationships with their dogs. Focus on how to teach and reward appropriate or alternative behaviours in their dogs to diminish his reactivity. Designed primarily for dog-to-dog reactivity, but the same techniques can be used with other reactivity issues (i.e., strangers, kids, skateboards, etc.) 

By fixing the underlying cause of the reactivity, we do more than just stop the reaction- we change the way your dog thinks and feels around other dogs and people. This leads to stronger behaviour changes with longer lasting results.

  • This 9 week class is kept small to ensure ample instructor-student time and includes  2 hour human only learning seminars on why dogs react and dog communication.
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations and payment is required upon registration.
  • Dogs should be at least 20 weeks old.

No choke collars, shock collars, prong collars, or flexi leashes in the classroom (or recommended). Other required materials may vary for each dog and will be discussed during orientation.

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