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Professional Courses, Seminars and Affiliations 

International, independent certification for behaviour consultant professionals.
Pet First Aid certified
Discussing a variety of implications for behavior. From the way dogs communicate to express anxiety to communication and strategies outside of our human default auditory examples. A look at collaborative care and husbandry and chat about the many ways that behavior and training are integral components to sharing our lives with animals.

3 day confernece. Leading-edge training from a world-class faculty, uniquely dedicated to your learning and growth.
This 2 day series will focus on the special topics germane to shelters, trainers, veterinarians and veterinary nurses and support staff.  This year, the formal lecture series includes a hands on lab.  The lectures are designed in 45 minute topical sessions that encourage questions and group discussion.  The intent of this series is to give participants information that they can use immediately in their daily lives.

Webinar: A review of the treatment and handling of separation anxiety in dogs, including case studies, by noted veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi.
 Industry leading animal behavior and training professionals Susan Friedman, Ph.D, Lori Stevens CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT, and host, Terrie Hayward M.Ed., KPA-CTP, CSAT, CPDT-KA, for an intimate three day event to strengthen your understanding of the science of behavior, animal training, and effective communication.

 Dive Deep: An Advanced Training Course explores and introduces trainers to key skills and aspects of various advanced applications. Advanced animal-training topics include working animal challenges, scent detection, non-food reinforcers, aggression-treatment protocols, research training, conservation training, an introduction to concept training, behavior chains, people skills, advanced training games, and more.

The course is ideal for the self-professed “training geek” who wants to understand the uniqueness, complexities, and differences of training in contexts and disciplines with which they are unfamiliar. 

 Twelve-week, multi-module course providing a comprehensive overview of the many facets of animal behavior consulting for all species. The course is appropriate for experienced behavior consultants and practitioners as well as those newer to the field with a strong interest in animal behavior. The course features weekly on-line meetings with a Course Mentor discussing each learning module.

 This information-packed workshop combined lecture, photographs, and extensive video footage to explore the art of working with fearful dogs, with some overlap into fear-based aggression.

 This seminar is the best and latest cutting edge advice from the author of Don’t Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety, the award-winning book on the subject! Dog-dog play may seem a lighter topic, but it is crucial to understand the subtleties of play in order to prevent aggressive incidents and to keep dogs healthy both physically and psychologically. Both segments of this full-day seminar are packed full of invaluable information that will be applicable whether you are an owner, trainer, rescue/shelter worker, or other canine professional or enthusiast.

Safe handling and obstacle training provided by Horse Agility Accredited Trainer - Adiva Murphy.

Clinic leaders Alexandra Kurland and Dr. Susan Friedman. A 3-day  clinic working with retired Cavalia horses, to increase understanding of how horses learns and will provides effective tools to obtain the behaviors that you are looking for. 

LLA Professional is designed to be a first course in behavior analysis for veterinarians, animal trainers, behavior consultants, and other animal professionals. The principles and procedures of behavior analysis are general in nature, that is, they apply to all species and situations. Thus, LLA Professional provides a robust, general foundation to accurately assess and resolve behavior problems, and more effectively support your behavior work with clients and patients.

 The 5-day hands-on Instructor’s course for behaviorists and trainers who are using BAT and want to take their skills to the next level. 

How to reach the next level of performance, regardless of your, or your dog’s, skill level or discipline. The value of systematically building fluency and generalization through six dimensions…and where most trainers go wrong right from the start. 

 The College of the Canadian Rockies -  Certification for this industry is for the most part non-existent. Therefore, this course designed around the Parks Canada standard of Warden training. Basics of horsemanship and trail guiding with the added knowledge of proper horse packing skills.

Workshop Leaders: Steve Martin and Susan Friedman, Ph.D.Scientific principles discuss training technology of operant learning & provide guided hands-on training with a variety of different species of birds. 

Basics you need to work with a raptor. The course includes nutrition, care, housing, legislation, safety, first aid, equipment and more, as well as training – from step one to flying and hunting with a bird.

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggressionBAT was developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, who began sharing BAT with the world in 2009, with continuous updates and some excellent new material for 2014.

 Focus on dog dog interactions of all types, from friendly to bullying, to aggression. Socializing puppies to other dogs, assessing temperaments for the best success, types of introductions that might work for problem dogs. Multiple dogs in the home.

Using chickens as a training model, Terry Ryan focuses on different principles of classical and operant conditioning. These camps are taught along the lines of, and with encouragement from, Bob Bailey of Animal Behavior Enterprises. This curriculum includes the direct application of the course work to dog training. Lessons included systematic desensitization, capturing a behavior, shaping a behavior and the use of targets.

Using chickens as a training model, Terry Ryan focuses on different principles of classical and operant conditioning. These camps are taught along the lines of, and with encouragement from, Bob Bailey of Animal Behavior Enterprises. This curriculum includes the direct application of the course work to dog training. Explored a variety of effective cueing techniques, appropriate ways to install cues, and the use of cues as reinforcers.
International, independent certification to animal training and behavior professionals.
3 day confernece. Leading-edge training from a world-class faculty, uniquely dedicated to your learning and growth.
An RCT Approach to working with Reactive Dogs.
Pamela Porosky (CTMT, RM) Focused on canine aromatherapy, but we will also discuss the use of essential oils and hydrosols with livestock, cats, and small animals such as hamsters, cavies and birds.
Intense animal training program designed for experienced teachers focused on the advancement of force-free training through community and peer collaboration, and close business partnerships. The Academy builds on decades of scientific research and practical development by behavior analysts, ethologists, clicker trainers, and TAGteachers around the world.
2-day conference covering operant conditioning, the science of clicker training and working with reactive dogs.
2-day seminar covering advanced training concepts and fine-tuning skills.
5-day course providing a background in training theory and an understanding of skills necessary to train animals. Participated in classroom work, live demonstrations as well as hands-on experience training.
Hands on 3 day training clinic.
Calgary Zoo's Zookeeper Apprentice Course

Related Employment & Volunteer Work

Leading the refuge team in creating and implementing a training plan to make Boo's captive life as easy on him as possible. We are working on reliable emergency recall (in case of forest fire or others emergencies to have Boo come into his secure holding area). This is an area where he is normally very uncomfortable so our plan with training to to build trust and relationship to allow Boo to feel as comfortable and in control as possible. We will also be working on having him being a willing participant in his veterinary care.

 Providing guidance and mentorship to the entire daycare and training facility. 

Mentoring of a student in the externship program.

Animal Rescue Foundation (AB and Ont), MEOW Foundation, Calgary Humane Society, Little Mutts Rescue - Provided temporary homes for over 100 rescued domestic and exotic animals, including socialization, training and successful adoptions.

Animal Care Volunteer Feeding, cleaning and care of injured and orphaned native wildlife.

Feeding, cleaning and care of many exotic species. Training of animals such as Bactrian camels, hippopotamus, lions, potbellied pigs, przewalski horses, red pandas and fallow deer.

 Researched, created and implemented enrichment projects for various zoo animals.

 Assisted in North American Leopard Frog research trap

 Participated in bi-monthly Board of Directors meetings. Directed various committees Organized, created, complied and produced fundraising calendars that raised over $90,000 in three years. Managed participation in tradeshows including sourcing, supplying and setting up booths, merchandise, animal displays, brochures and volunteers