They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same can be said for a dog, it holds more truth when that dog has behavioural issues such as reactivity. Cindy Peacock was the foundation to our “village” and our journey to help Mr. Magoo. Mr. Magoo became leash reactive and dog reactive after several incidents involving dogs who were not under control, or leashed in our neighbourhood. His reactivity was becoming unmanageable and I was in desperate need of help to manage him, to give him back some confidence, and to equip myself with tools that could be used in all circumstances. With the help of Cindy and the 6 week reactive dog seminar we enrolled in we have overcome mountains in his journey. Since taking the course I have a much clearer understanding on what my dog is trying to tell me, how to help him and how to work our way through situations that may be less than ideal. Our journey is not over as reactivity is often something that you will deal with the entire lifespan of your pet, but our journey took a direction change from a path of potential heartache to a path of management, understanding and teamwork. So far we have been able to manage his reactivity to a point in which he can now attend classes and sporting events with other dogs present, and we just recently achieved our Canine Good Neighbour certification. Without the help and guidance of Cindy, I am sure I would still be sitting in the middle of the road crying because I did not have hope, and I did not have the tools to manage my dog’s reactivity.

Chantal M,