Cindy was referred to us when we were looking for someone who could help train and cope with the behaviour challenges our spirited high-energy Weimaraner puppy was giving us. Raelyn, was our new puppy after our elderly Weimaraner passed away. We were confident we knew the breed and were ready for our new little puppy. Wow! Nothing prepared us for our new little puppy Raelyn. Our sweet adorable puppy ate shoes, books and yes our daughter's homework. She defecated on the floor even though we took her outside every 2-3 hours, jumped on everyone and would bite and chew anything and everything. Our training attempts left us literally in tears.

Cindy assessed Raelyn and during the first session recognized the good news "Raelyn is very smart" and the bad news "Raelyn is very smart". This meant we could effectively communicate with our new four footed family member and begin to train but had to behaviourly understand what would be the most effective way to do this. With Cindy's broad knowledge and skills we were able to prioritize what behaviours issues we had to address and began training.  Every training session with Cindy was very rewarding because we could see progress and the hands on approach ensured we could continue training with Raelyn every day. We discovered Raelyn loves to please and is very affectionate so she was sensitive to the positive training techniques Cindy employed.

Although, still a spirited dog we feel we are able to speak to Raelyn and she understands what we are saying. We don't think we would be able to enjoy the loving relationship we are if Cindy had not been here to help. Also, our daughter is able to submit her homework on time and in good condition. Thanks Cindy!

Cheryl and Family

Cheryl and Family,