Private In-Home Training

I specialize in one-on-one training with pet owners.

Do you desire a well behaved companion that is attentive no matter what the environment? Maybe you don't have the time to train him yourself? My private in home training sessions will set you and your dog up for success. 

The goal is to teach your dog to be a polite, well adjusted member of your family and your community. This positive reinforcement based approach to training will have your dog listening on and off leash in any environment. Sessions are one hour in length, and the price depends on the number of sessions needed to reach your specific goals. 

Cindy's proven one on one dog training will give you the guidance, support and encouragement you need to successfully manage your concerns.  Cindy provides dedicated training that will assist you on your road to success! 

Please note: I have recently moved to Golden, BC and am no longer offering services in Calgary. For training in Calgary I highly recommend Jesse at Chasin' Tails Dog Care Center:


Private In-Home Sessions

The initial consultation, assessment and gathering of information needed to prepare your individualized training plan consists of two parts.

1. 40 minute phone or virtual consult.

2. 60 minute in-person consult in clients home.

All new clients must book an initial consult.


The virtual consult is to go over the intake form, give homework and come up with a training plan moving forward; the second session we meet in an appropriate location depending on the training plan we come up with (your home, neighbourhood, etc). The initial assessment will provide both us with a better understanding of the underlying reasons for the behaviours that concern you. All clients receive no charge unlimited access to my online password protected training files and videos.

$235 (plus gst) for 1-40min remote session and 1-60min in person session.

After your initial assessment and recommendations I am prepared to work with you one on one to help you achieve your individual goals

$175  (plus gst) for 1 hour session

$540 (plus gst) for package of four - 1 hour sessions

***Prepaid packages must be completed within 6 months of start date.***

Remote Consulting

Remote consultations via video conference or phone and  are a great way to get a head start on our training. Remote sessions work very well for many behaviour concerns including separation anxiety, fear and basic manners. All clients receive no charge unlimited access to my online password protected training files and videos. 

$100 (plus GST) for 40min session

$350 (plus GST) for a package of four - 40min sessions

Day Training - Let me do some of the work for you!

After the initial in home session we can decide together if my day training program is the right choice for you and your dog.

With day training I work with your pet when you are not there, addressing the individual needs of your family and covering everything from basic obedience to problem behaviours in real life settings. I then follow up with the owners and will then teach you how to maintain the beahvoiurs your dog has learned and how to continue working with your dog

Day Training includes the following:

  • Training Sessions for your dog in your home/neighbourhood/dog park
  • Transfer Session to catch you up in your home/neighbourhood/dog park
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Weekly Progress Report and Information Handouts
  • List of all commands/cues your dog has learned and how to use them
  • Follow-up email support for 6 months

Prices vary depending on behavioural issues addressed. Initial intake sessions must be booked first to determine if this program is the right choice for your dog.

Sessions are customized to your specific needs.