Snuffle Mats: $35 large, $25 small

The snuffle mat is food dispensing toy that provides the dog with an opportunity to forage, sniff and search for their food. The snuffle mat is handmade by EJ Rescue volunteers and 100% of the proceeds go to the rescue. 

 Mendota 15' Leashes 1/2" or 3/8": $35

Super soft and easy on the hand, these are easily my favourite of all leashes out there! Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping features solid hardware and oil tanned leather splices. 1/2" is recommend for dogs over 40 pounds 3/8" for dogs 10-40lbs

Shouta Creations  15' Leashes: $50

Custom leashes made in Alberta that has  for extra small dogs. I found the mendota ones too heavy for many of the small dogs I work with. Very nice quality, custom colours available.

Adaptil Collars, Spray or Diffuser: prices vary

Adaptil or D.A.P. is a synthetically produced pheromone that mimics what is produced by the mammary glands of a mother dog when she nurses her puppies.  It has relaxing effects on the puppies and creates a positive emotional state and increases confidence.  This synthetic copy is available to reduce stress in puppies and adult dogs in the forms of a collar, spray, and room diffuser